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Target Your Market

Predictably know who's a best fit to become your next customer before reaching out to them, inside and outside your funnel or pipeline.

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Demand Gen

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Stop wasting your time targeting the wrong people.

On average, only 6% of B2B leads convert to successful deals.

“B2B Sales Benchmark Research Finds Some Pipeline Surprises.” The 360 Blog from Salesforce, 8 Apr. 2021. Lee, Lisa, et al.

What would it mean to you and your business if you knew who was a fit before reaching out? With White Rabbit you can. Optimize your outreach with intelligent targeting and best-fit detection by knowing who your best customers are, and when to reach out to them.

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How it works

Auto-generate accurate personas to target your market.

Create on-demand personas from your new or existing data to understand who your target market is, how it shifts over time, and proactively adjust your outreach content accordingly.

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Know who's a fit before reaching out to them.

Rapidly qualify and disqualify leads, then prioritize your outreach, both inside and outside your funnels to build a consistent and predictable pipeline that converts.

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Filter your inbound leads to find the needles in the haystack.

Manage a case of “inbound overload” by creating High-Value Target (HVT) groups to easily focus on leads most likely to become your next customers.

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Discover your best leads, increase your conversion today.

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High volume outreach is dead. Take control of what matters.

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ABM Enhancement

Enhance your ABM (Account-Based Marketing) by knowing which decision-makers and influencers are most likely to know, like, and trust you, instead of spamming the entire account to see what sticks.

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Targeted list generation

Generate targeted lead lists to maximize the number of qualified leads you generate and reduce the amount you spend on contact data providers like ZoomInfo or LeadIQ. A quality-over-quantity strategy.

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Identify missed opportunities

Claim the 40% (Mkt Avg.) of unearned revenue in your existing client base by analyzing them to identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities, then delivering personalized offers and matching each client to campaigns that best fit them.

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Accurately predict MQLs

The marketing team becomes the hero when they only pass leads that convert to the sales team. Use the AI to accurately predict whether an MQL is qualified to hand off to the sales team as an SQL.

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Filter inbound leads

When experiencing high-volume inbound (a.k.a. “inbound overload”), filter out all the “junk leads” and know exactly who is worth your focus. Save your resources, avoid false positives & eliminate bad fits.

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Focus searches & messaging

Realize the true potential of LinkedIn Sales Navigator by doing targeted filtered searches and crafting relevant messaging unique to each niche, then using best-fit scores to know who’s worth focusing on. No more spray-and-pray.

Unlike any other data solution.

Intent data (i.e. Bombora) identifies people [account-based] who interact with your website or app to speculate buying behavior, whereas White Rabbit intel is able to identify which of the web or app visitors are a best fit to become a client.

Account-based look-alikes (i.e. Clearbit) allow you to identify companies that are similar to the ones you already do business with, and White Rabbit Intel can provide a much deeper understanding as to exactly “who” within an account is the best person to champion or start a sales conversation with.

Lead generation databases (i.e. Zoominfo) provide an easy way to acquire contact info. White Rabbit Intel enables you to hyper-target within these databases using AI-generated buyer personas that zero in YOUR lead gen process to exclusively generate leads that fit your client base and know which are a best fit with confidence.

Data enrichment (i.e. Seamless AI) provides an effective way to “fill in the blanks” within your CRM, CDP, or ERP. White Rabbit Intel enables you to save a lot of resources by only enriching the contacts that make sense to engage with.

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What our clients are saying

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Great solution to help you find the patterns that humans can’t see and which prospects are a great fit for your business. We’ve trialled the system and recommended it to all our students and clients as a result. Great tech to help you build an avatar you can actually use to refine and do more business.”

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Dean Seddon

CEO | Maverrik

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Our company visions are similar in that we’re creating opportunities for others around us that weren’t possible years ago. If you're not on the train with White Rabbit you will get left behind. These people know what they’re doing and understand what they talk about.

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Arturo Del Rio Jr.

CEO & Co-Founder | Salesmaster AI

Bald middle-aged man smiling in black t-shirtGrey quotation marks

They provide in-depth sales analysis and help the sales teams reach their most productive potential. For my client, they were able to efficiently show a 28% improvement in their sales process and cut down the redundant reach. I look forward to more collaborations with White Rabbit Intel.”

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Kolluru Prashanthi

Founder & CEO | Kloudportal


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What is it you do that my marketing and sales resources can’t?

1) Build non-assumptive target personas in minutes, not months.

2) Accurately predict who is a fit to sell to before you reach out to them.

3) Automatically qualify/disqualify leads over 1,000x faster and with more accuracy than SDRs who connect with a prospect via cold call, email or LinkedIn.

4) Optimize and prioritize your targeting and outreach far beyond the gold standard.

5) Maximize your LinkedIn + LinkedIn Sales Navigator experience and effectiveness.

6) Significantly reduce your budget spend with contact data providers like ZoomInfo.

7) Make the intent data you collect with resources like Bombora or LeadForensics far more valuable and actionable.

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What is SMARTech™?


White Rabbit Intel SMARTech™ enables you to target your market and accurately identify the people who are the best fit to become your client before reaching out to them—inside and outside your funnels and pipeline.

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What can I do with White Rabbit Intel’s SMARTech™ and how does it work?

1) Use your sales and marketing data to automatically generate accurate buyer and engagement personas to target leads in your marketplace.

2) Automatically build predictive models to accurately predict who is a fit to sell to before the need to reach out.

3) Analyze your client base to understand who’s an opportunity to cross-sell other products or services to.

4) Analyze your marketing campaigns and events data to know who is engaging with your content and messaging to ensure you’re attracting people who are likely to buy, not “just interested.”

5) Know which leads that interact with your marketing content (MQLs) are a sales opportunity (SQL) and worth passing to your sales team.

6) Filter your inbound leads via social marketing and advertising to identify the people who are the most qualified.

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Who works with White Rabbit Intel and uses SMARTech™

Agencies (Marketing, Fractional Sales, Demand Gen, Lead Gen, RevOps, etc.)

Computer Software & IT (SaaS, CRMs, CDPs, Marketing Automation, MSPs, etc.)

Data Providers (Intent Data, Contact Data [Lead Data], Data Enrichment, etc.)

Consultants (Sales, Marketing, Growth, Management, Tech)


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What makes White Rabbit Intel different from other solutions?

White Rabbit Intel focuses on people data. People buy from the people they know, like, and trust, so we focus on identifying all the key traits and characteristics of people in addition to the organizations they work for to understand exactly who’s most likely to not only do business with you, but build a strong relationship and resonate with you, your business’s core values, and skill set.

We are the first and only AI technology that enables predictable prospecting, business/relationship development, and targeting for an optimized pipeline by leveraging psychographic metadata for optimized selling, marketing and revenue operations.

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How long does it take to generate a persona and predict who my best-fit prospects are?

Persona Generation: Appx. 10-15 min. (average)
Best-Fit Predictions:
Appx. 5-10 min per thousand contact records (average).

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Is White Rabbit Intel’s SMARTech™ for me?

Most people are. If you’re interested in transforming your organization into a data-driven powerhouse and building a predictable pipeline, both, inbound and outbound, then you’re a fit.

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What do I need to get started?

You need to decide upon the desired outcome you’re looking to achieve (i.e. closed won deal data) and the undesired outcome to pair (i.e. closed lost deal data), a willingness to commit to an innovative process/solution, and a modest budget to drive your success.

Find the people that will boost your conversions today.

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