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We increase your top-line revenue.

White Rabbit enables marketing and sales teams to become more effective by using the power of machine learning—creating profitable opportunities and increasing sales by an estimated 25%.

& Qualified.

1) Utilize our deep learning software to produce real results. Data that imports into any CRM.

We use deep learning AI models to retrieve what we like to call, "intelligent prospects" based on your custom needs and requirements. These qualified, intelligent prospects are beyond human capability. By using 12 or more attributes, such as: growth rate, propensity to buy, current spend, company size, funding level, software stack, etc. We effectively provide over 50 different attributes to choose from. Resulting in a list of prospects that have a higher probability to close and delivered to you in an extremely short timeline.

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2) We work with you to discover your perfect target prospect & accounts.

We consistently work with you to help fine-tune your perfect prospect attributes, delivering an updated sales contact list every week. Ultimately, our data we provide, constantly improves, based on your actual reported success results. The effectiveness of our service becomes exponentially stronger and more effective over time.

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3) Your sales team's success matters to us.

By helping you focus on the buyers who are most likely to purchase your product or services with our machine learning platform. We produce pure, success driven results, from the prospects customized by you and built for you. Both driving new revenue and leading to your business's growth.

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4) We offer a true value proposition. We only succeed if you succeed.

We at White Rabbit utilize revenue sharing, based on a true success model. Effectiveness of our service is 100% based on your success. We grow and work with you, never against you. We will never charge for any services that don't procure your business new revenue. Our success is your success. We want you to succeed... It's why we do what we do.

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