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Cross-Sell & Upsell Detection

Have you asked yourself any of these questions?

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Are we looking to grow our existing lines of business or enter new markets?

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Do we want to understand and quantify the revenue potential of any cross-selling opportunity?

Do we need clarity and certainty around compatibility with existing products or services?

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Is there a strategic partner that we would like to see our cross-selling compatibility with?

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Leveraging our AI technology to analyze your client base and current prospects for each product, service, or market segment enables your organization to understand where cross-selling opportunities lie and help quantify the revenue potential of those opportunities.

Features & Benefits

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Evaluate new sales, cross-sell, and upsell compatibility of companies, products, services, or market segments.

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Provides the ideal buyer persona comparisons.

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Understand alignment between products and services based on the current customer and prospect population.

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Minimize effort and friction by avoiding unsuccessful product launches or consolidation.

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Eliminate brand damage and client disruption by recognizing incompatible products or services.

What is it?

An AI platform that determines similarities in customer bases so you know how aligned they are.

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Why is it important?

Cross-sell and upsell detection increases the probability of having successful sales outcomes, provides compatibility in your client bases, and minimizes the potential for customer disruption. This allows you to focus efforts on opportunities that are the most profitable.

What outcomes can you anticipate?

Knowing how your customer bases align across multiple product or business lines will lead to these outcomes:

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Improved efficiency resulting from being able to identify a similar customer base before attempting to engage with them.

Improved effectiveness due to increased likelihood of a successful sale.

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Improved productivity thanks to a higher volume of sales with every new customer base you take on.

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