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1: Quick and accurate targeting of ideal audiences.

Transform the aggregated data in a CRM platform into tools for future success, enabling the capability to generate calculated target profiles—based on historical customer data.

Think of how successful marketing teams will be with access to target profiles, comprehensive predictive models, and see all of the correlations within their own client base. Marketing teams will truly be able to envision who their targets are, to the “T.”

2: Strengthening inbound & outbound marketing.

SnapApp states: “61% of B2B marketers find generating high-quality leads as their biggest challenge.” Our AI topples that headache by clearing up the confusion. Find the exact demographic you should be targeting—right off the bat.

3: A keystone of new-age market research profiling.

We know that reaching-out to the right people is getting harder every day. With that in mind, our Customer Insight Engine (CIE) builds a Target Market Profile—eliminating the need to spend a copious amount of marketing budget.

4: Saving thousands of hours on market research.

Reach the proper demographic consistently, for less cost, time and marginal errors. Marketing teams should focus where it matters most. Communicating and creating the highest quality content.

Transformingdata into better reach, faster results, and stronger engagements.
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