Giving CRM users the powerful advantage of predictive AI.

"The most difficult part of the sales process that reps struggle with is:
Prospecting ~ 37%
Closing ~
Identifying the lead ~
Qualifying ~ 17%

- HubSpot: State of Inbound 2018

Only 2% of cold calls lead to opportunities.

Target awareness makes traditional sales methods like cold calling become far more effective. After defining a target market, our algorithms accurately predict who you should be getting in touch with, vs. who you think you should. We are simply identifying successful selling patterns to transform them into profitable opportunities.

Reach decision-makers that fit your optimal profile from the start. Consistently updated to ensure the accuracy and precision.

Successful selling is driven by engaging with the right people.

Research proves that a salesperson needs to engage with the right targets to be effective. Our Customer Insight Engine (CIE) provides fresh contacts that have the highest probability to do business with you, while giving insight on new sales opportunities. This engages them to get in touch with more of the right people—faster. The people they should be talking to.

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Predict churn with actionable triggers.

We enable automation that has the ability to predict churn. It translates to a probability score that becomes an actionable trigger notification for salespeople, along with your customer relationship or customer success agents.

Predicting win, loss, and maintain and/or upsell valuable customers.

Let's work together to give your platform a powerful edge for your client's sales teams.

Selling evolved.

Join the evolution.