How to Generate Qualified Leads

Dan Newman and Rob Turley share their knowledge of generating qualified leads effectively and efficiently. It requires a deep understanding of your buyer’s persona that revolves around relationship building with buyer safety. Being relevant and capturing the buyer’s perspective to speak their language is essential.

“Everyone looks through their own eyes assuming what they see is true.”
- Dan Newman


Key Takeaways

Airs this Thursday, 06-10-2021 @10:00-11:00 AM EST

The level or number of sales activities is irrelevant if there is no conversion.

Everything is subjective — people see things from different perspectives. Be mindful of that, and cater to their reality.

Drive a process that is relationship-centric and structured around the buyer’s journey.

Failure is the only way to learn.

About Our Guest

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Dan enables you to sell predictably. He founded Learn to Scale, an organization that provides Outbound Sales-as-a-Service, Operations, and Leadership Consulting. Dan relishes impossible problems with 13+ years of learning and development expertise working with major tech companies and education institutions.Dan is also the Co-Host of The 20/20 Perspective, a podcast about failure.


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