How To Maximize ROI On A Small Budget

Digital marketing for SMBs is a challenge. “There’s no way I have budget for that” is the most common reaction to the idea. Mike Ruffing, marketing veteran, who specializes in taking scaled enterprise marketing processes and “de-scaling” them to work effectively for small businesses with a shoestring budget.


Key Takeaways

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Know where your potential customer “lives.”

You must find out where you’re customers are or “hang out” to be able to market and communicate with them.

Marketing doesn’t stop after the sale.

Marketing to your clients (or the lack thereof) is one of the most common mistakes that businesses make. They practically forget they exist, and marketing to current clients is 4-5x less expensive than marketing to net new.

Personalize gifts to your clients.

If a picture says a thousand words, then how many words do personal thank you cards (yes, paper and handwritten) or gifts say to someone?

Focus your A/B testing on fewer experiments for longer.

If you lack a marketing budget or want to save on costs, then be sure to still A/B test, but perhaps do the A and the B at separate times at a slower drip for a longer period. This way you can still have variation AND save money when you need to.

About Our Guest

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Mike is a 20+year marketing veteran, CEO at Problem Solver's Consultants marketing agency, husband, father, and golf nut. He spends his days helping SMBs scale and grow using proven marketing tactics mixed with the latest marketing strategies. If he’s not in the office he’s on the links enjoying some of the best courses in the country.


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