How to Un-fuck Company Culture

Negative company culture spreads like a disease. Businesses tend to focus on the symptoms that flare-up, rather than addressing the root cause. Losses are blamed on poor marketing, bad process, ineffective selling, and other revenue-based matters, instead of internal communication, attitude, and poor leadership. Wake the f*ck up and look in the mirror. Toxic culture is often the primary reason organizations begin to die.

“Knowledge is power, but enthusiasm pulls the switch.”
- Ivern Ball


Key Takeaways

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Performance is not indicative of leadership success.

Be 100% honest with yourself. If you’re unhappy and questioning the same things over and over, then something may be very wrong with your culture.

People have to believe is that change is possible. Uncertainty is a key reason people leave a company.

About Our Guest

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Patrick is a founding partner of Linehan Group and has 20 years of experience creating, scaling, and optimizing high-performance teams and business units. Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai, LA, London, Valencia are some of the cities Patrick has been based where he drove cultural and sales transformation in industries such as Media, Real Estate, Insurance, Solar Energy, Education, and Consulting.

He focuses on “…creating total clarity around the mission-critical and by cultivating an extreme ownership mindset with partners and clients alike. ”Patrick believes all performance is driven by culture and that business is relationships because human beings move when their emotions are moved!

Linehan Group lives by the credo: “Clarity precedes success and there can be no sales success without volume!”


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