Identifying Misalignments Within Your Company Culture

“Simplexity” is an intriguing concept. We overcomplicate everything when it all boils down to something so simple. “Simplexity” is the best method for diagnosing the actual cause of an organization’s problems—rather than the symptoms. We tend to overcomplicate everything and see things one-dimensionally, which keeps us focused on the wrong solutions.

“... we are looking for answers, where instead, we should be looking for questions.”
- Noele Williams


Key Takeaways

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Don’t treat your organization as a machine

Your business is a team or multiple teams of people working together toward a goal. Humans are organic and always will be, so stop trying to force them to function like machines. It’s unnatural.

Don’t put your problems

Everything is connected—like it or not. Often you’ll find an issue somewhere like the product department, though it’s a symptom, not the cause. You may later find the actual problem’s caused by the sales team promising results that cannot be delivered!

Utilize your maximum performance capacity

Most companies do not have processes that maximize their current staff’s performance or bandwidth possible and achievable.

Social norms should support your process protocols

Your team needs to be allowed to “be themselves,” or they feel like they don’t belong and aren’t a fit to be a part of your organization.

About Our Guest

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Throughout her 36-year career, Noele Williams, Founder & CEO at INTERPRO Performance Solutions, has partnered with thousands of company leaders throughout the United States, Canada, and the UK.After launching her career in management at Procter & Gamble, Noele served as a senior member of a firm providing professional diversity consulting services for dozens of Fortune 500 companies across the country.

In 1991, Noele founded INTERPRO to concentrate on building metrics-based methods for optimizing organization performance early in the firm’s history.

Noele developed the company’s signature Quality of Performance Capacity (QPC) Diagnostics, a unique set of products that allows clients to leverage hidden drivers to harness untapped potential.


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