Proven Ways To Get Noticed On TikTok

TikTok is uncharted territory for the B2B space. It has over 1.2 Billion users! It’s ripe for the picking! How can you best leverage TikTok to create awareness at a mass scale? How can you start generating leads through short-hand, dynamic content? Learn from TikTok expert and influencer Will Aitken how it’s possible to leverage TikTok for your business today!


Key Takeaways

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Start with a hook!

People using TikTok have extremely short attention spans and must be gripped by the video content within the first 2 seconds—otherwise, you lose them immediately.

Customize your content to fit the TikTok platform.

Content that you post on TikTok will NOT reflect your post anywhere else unless you’re posting “Instagram Reels,” so do not create “informative content” unless it’s easily digestible and simplified.

Use humor your audience can resonate with.

People like funny sh*t. ’Nuff Said. It’s easily consumable and resonates at an emotional level.

Niche down for leads, generalize for views, and always use hashtags.

Niching down the audience and creating more specific content will drive down your viewership but will specifically resonate with a particular audience. If your objective is to generate leads, this is the route you want to take. Suppose you’re looking to drive awareness and gain a following. In that case, generalizing your content is essential, though always, be sure to “direction” your content by using relevant hashtags to ensure people will find your content.

About Our Guest

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Will is a content creator & active voice in the technology sales space with seven years of Individual contributor sales experience. He works as an evangelist at Sales Feed, a Vidyard media company subsidiary, producing entertaining and educational sales shows & short videos for the sales industry. Will runs several B2B TikTok accounts with over 100K followers on each.


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