SMB Marketing: From Struggle to Success

Brick-and-mortar SMBs have trouble marketing themselves and often get caught in a situation where they pay a small marketing firm a lot of money to go nowhere. SMBs encounter risks when contracting marketing firms with minimal budgets, and it often ends in disaster. How do they know who to trust? It can be the difference between life and death!


Key Takeaways

Airs this Thursday, 06-10-2021 @10:00-11:00 AM EST

Do extensive research on a marketing firm before you contract them for work.

The greater majority of large and small businesses do not know their actual ideal target.

Do market research to ensure a market and demand for your product or service.

About Our Guest

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Waking up in a cold sweat at 3 AM, spring 2019. Jeff knew he was done with corporate life. The startup he joined where he had to move his family cross-country was broken beyond repair. Great concept, a handful of happy clients, but zero marketing presence to get to that next level. Things stagnated after advocating for a strategic marketing approach that the President liked, and the COO didn’t. Rather than do nothing, Jeff handed in his resignation.

Today, what they rejected is what Jeff helps his clients accomplish. After 20+ years in advertising and media sales, he realized small business owners had misled what they needed to know about growing their business.

Jeff's mission is to accelerate profits and guarantee quantifiable ROI from his marketing coaching and consulting hybrid. Unlike 99% of the coaches & consultants out there, he's only happy to guarantee an outcome of positive results as long as his clients put in the work mutually agreed upon.

Jeff is dynamic, energetic, and a knowledgeable speaker equipped with actionable advice on what you can do right now to get your business back on track. Audiences and hosts love him and his approach to sweeping change without breaking the bank or spending an extra cent.


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