The State of Modern Selling

The sales industry has lost most of its credibility. It’s largely due to the obsession with efficiency at the sacrifice of effectiveness. The culprit responsible for the death of the salesperson is sales automation technology, which caused the gross overuse of scripted high-volume messaging, turning sales into a half-rate assembly line.

“You can’t grow professionally unless you are willing to grow personally” James Buckley


Key Takeaways

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It’s YOUR responsibility to learn, grow, and succeed as a sales professional.

Don’t solely rely on your employer, your boss, or any external factor to enable you to become successful in sales. Often employers do not get you the training or provide the right resources to help you get to where you want to be, so don’t be afraid to acquire the right training or mentorship of your own volition.

You must EARN the opportunity to sell to somebody.

A salesperson’s job is to help find a solution to a problem that is presented to them, not sell a product or service. You must discuss the prospect’s current situation to understand the cause rather than shove a solution in their face to help patch a symptom. Dig deep and understand the situation.

Avoid saying “I” or “we” when reaching out to a prospect.

IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU! Using “I” or “we” make it about you. Stop and re-read the message you’re about to send and think, “Is this message about them or me?” Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and think about the idea behind your messaging. “Is that how I’d want to be approached?”

Invest the time to build a personal brand.

Your sales numbers and success rates can be top-notch at the company you’re working at, but you can’t take ’em with you. You can take a personal brand with you! If you have a decent one, you’re far more likely to get hired somewhere, and it becomes easier to sell since you appear trustworthy and reliable publicly.

About Our Guest

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As Chief Evangelist at JB Sales, James Buckley has the pleasure of joining some of the best minds in business and “edutaining” millions of salespeople on their journey. JB Sales events and memberships are helping sellers become the best sales professionals they can be... Because they deserve it.

The front lines of sales have never been more valuable. They need the skills and techniques to help them achieve goals consistently, grow personally and professionally, and ultimately become leaders in their industries. Salespeople now have the power (and choice) to take their destiny into their own hands.

His organization’s mission is to help salespeople set more meetings, close more deals, build the best personal brands, and win more often with resources that constantly help them level up their game.Reach out to James directly - He always says, “Let’s connect! I’ve never met a stranger in my life!”


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