What Your Ad Agency Is Hiding From You

Many ad agencies are not transparent and often hide their process from you. They come off as “shady” or “insincere” when interfacing with clients. This creates a high tension in their client-provider relationship, followed by a rocky road of high churn and failure rate. This can be avoided by providing clients with the details about their process/roadmap and transparency around their decisions.

“Slow down to speed up.”
- Colby Flood


Key Takeaways

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The grave mistake ad agencies make is being opaque.

Lead with education while engaging with clients. Transparency and honesty are the policy. The key to preventing churn is a mutual understanding of the what, why, how, and the outcome you’re getting.

Learn each client’s communication style.

The ability to communicate appropriately is often warped. Over-communication is highly suggested until the right level, and proper language is established.

Don’t attempt to “do everything.”

If you try to do everything, you accomplish a whole lot of nothing.

Nobody likes surprises...

Always create a plan for clients. If you aren’t planning the future for the clients you interface with when providing advertising services, you tend to have a high churn rate and damage the relationship.

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As an in-house marketer, Colby noticed one major issue with the agencies he hired—communication. Colby founded Brighter Click to create an education-first agency that focuses not just on performance, but on proactive communication led by education.


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