What Your Boss Doesn't Tell You When Getting Promoted

The million-dollar question... "What doesn't your boss tell you when you get promoted?" Oh yeah, that's right. There's a whole lot they don't tell you, and it becomes a fast-paced "sink or swim" situation where you better get your bearings quickly, or else you're in some real trouble! Learn what to expect to prepare for the unexpected.


In today’s episode of Down The Rabbit Hole, your host, Rob Turley, Co-Founder & Co-CEO at White Rabbit Intel, delves deep into the mind of Prateek Mathur to give a peek under the hood of what your bosses don't tell you when you get a promotion in sales, along with how to manage up, down, and most importantly, sideways. Sideways meaning, cross-division management.

One of the key elements of discussion is that selling yourself and managing sellers are two completely different skill sets, along with the critical ability to thread management across several divisions to maintain a far more successful outcome. Doing this takes years of trial and error to get leadership right.

Key Takeaways

Airs this Thursday, 06-10-2021 @10:00-11:00 AM EST

About Our Guest

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Prateek Mathur has over 17 years of experience selling. He sold Coca-Cola to mom and pop stores, life insurance to CFOs at global firms, technology services to CIOs and CMOs of Fortune 500 companies.

More than celebrating his wins and learning from his losses, Prateek invested in grooming future leaders to be the best version of themselves.

As an individual contributor, Prateek was part of the Top 1% of a 10,000+ employee organization. This continued performance led him to the management path in 2005. Then guess what? He failed miserably the first time around!

Prateek created a coaching marketplace managerenablement.com that helps new Sales Managers and aspiring managers avoid costly career mistakes by connecting them with real sales leaders who coach sales managers to lead smarter and sell more—through their teams while driving new growth in their careers.


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