We get it — you have questions.

White Rabbit is here to make your job easier, to sell more and keep more clients. We are helping you! Here are some typical questions and our responses.

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Where do I submit a support ticket?

» At the bottom of this page!

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Does your AI integrate with my CRM?

» If you have an API key or use a CRM that White Rabbit has integrated with.

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How is your technology utilized?

» Salesperson sits down at the computer, drags and drops their data; “mm, I’ll call the greens today, and avoid the reds, aka the people who aren’t interested in my product.“

» Marketing person sits at computer; creates an ad for the mathematically devised target demographic persona profile generated by the AI.

» Manager; views the business intelligence dash, makes amazing business decisions, discovers new channels, understands where to pivot, and leads the team to success.

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How do I use it? (in general)

1) Export, or drag and drop CRM data to the White Rabbit platform

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2) Have access to personalized business insights, in minutes.
3) Utilize our platform, or integrate into your CRM.

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What kind of insights does it provide?

» In-depth business analytics (the truth behind your business)
» Define your pain-points
» Unveil hidden opportunities
» Know who to contact.
» Granular understanding of the demographic to market to.
» Know which prospects are a waste of time.
» Calculated risk of customer loss.
» Qualification of upsell opportunities.
» A new way to understand “what is,” rather than what “we think” things are..

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What is artificial intelligence? (AI)

» The computer looks at vast amounts of data and (or patterns) that you and I as humans cannot comprehend.

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What is machine learning?

» A process in which you can accomplish massive calculated deep analyses to execute predictions, processes, and gain understanding about things in ways once considered “impossible” or “immeasurable” that are invisible or unforeseeable by humans.

» Scans thousands of lines of code to determine correlations and causations that can be applied to any use case or industry, and in this case, to sales, marketing, customer success, operations, and business process improvement.

» By looking at business data, we can understand and connect things in ways that have never been before, to see things in entirely new ways, and understand a business and its sales processes at a level that is far deeper than ever before.  

» People data on things they have in common, such as personality, interests and traits to create and measure psychographic analytics.

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Who is it for?

» Business to Business (B2B) companies
» Sales Teams
» Marketing Teams
» Customer Success Teams 
» Management
» Operations
» Business Owners

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What happens if I’m a WRI Consulting Partner and you end up stealing my clients?

» If, for some reason, your client(s) who are mutual clientele with WRI stop doing business with you, but maintain doing business with us, we have a referral agreement inline with the partnership agreement that will compensate for said referrals. This occurs when the origin of sale was via the partner.

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Do you store, save, or sell my data after it is processed?

» ABSOLUTELY NOT! WRI only keeps the aggregate in an encrypted machine-readable only format to remember what the results were for future processing. Your data is safe with us when it’s being processed and no human eyes see your data. Ever. Unless requested.

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Does the platform have minimum data requirements?

» Yes - a company, or individual user must have at least 50 client wins AND losses from the past, present, or both.
The user must have a way to identify customers vs. prospects. 
Accepted file formats: CSV, JSON, or XLSX.

Minimum requirements for fields:
» First name, Last name, Company name; or
» Individual’s Business Email Address; or
» LinkedIn URL

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Data sharing: Our recommendations and best practices.

» Export all CRM contacts for any given user.
Contacts - export all with all headers (disinclude any sensitive info).
Rule of thumb: The more data the system has, the more accurate it can be.

However, we have base minimum requirements for our predictive analytics:
» {CRM Contact} First Name, Last Name, Company
» {CRM Contact} Email
» LinkedIn URL

» Ensure contacts are marked as a prospect or customer in separate documents from one another.

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Can I upload and process a list of leads that I purchased?

» Yes. New lists of prospects can be added at any time.

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If I tell you who my target market is, can I search for a specific type of title or person?

» No, that defeats the purpose of the technology because that adds bias and inaccuracy to the system. Think of it this way… It is based on assumption, no matter how it’s looked at. It will see and know who your target is better than you can, and oftentimes, the target you think is ideal is actually very far from it. The AI determines which titles and decision-maker personas are pertinent to the sale, or not.

» However, you can filter by contact attributes such as name, title, email, phone number, company, etc., after the system has a chance to calculate your results.

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Does your system add data to my contacts?

» The system will scan thousands of GDPR compliant sources of information such as social media, news, press releases, forums, company websites, databases, and it can go on and on. The purpose is to enrich and increase contact actionability. 

» It will identify useful bits of information and fill in gaps wherever it deems necessary. This is based on advanced mathematical calculations that put trillions upon trillions of patterns in perspective before our little white rabbit chooses the correct pathways that lead to success.

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Do we follow GDPR compliance?

» Yes, and we only store data to process it, otherwise it’s deleted.

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