How it works

We know your data is precious. It defines the future of your business and tells a story about who your best customers really are.

In the simplest terms,

Send your data to the White Rabbit platform, or integrate with our API, so you can sit back, relax, and voilâ! Virtually instantaneous Fortune-50-level insight for your entire business—and it’s only a few clicks away (seriously).


AI engineered to optimize sales, marketing, customer success, management, and operations processes.

Our technology optimizes five major areas. To top it off, it provides business intelligence analytics at the deepest level to help improve operations and management processes. The three buckets are crucial to success.

A solution focused on the questions that every business tries to answer every day.

Who’s our most effective seller?

How do we sell more, but spend less on acquisition cost?

How do we know who our best client really is?

What are they doing that we aren’t?

What processes do we need to improve?

Where should we put the majority of our focus?

Where should we put more (or less) resources?

Why are we losing revenue and where?

How do we plan to maximize our ROI?

What can we do to increase our trajectory of growth?

... yeah, you get the point.

The funny thing is that all businesses already have the answers, but don’t know it! They even have the data to back it up! It’s right in front of them!

The reason they can’t find the answers is that they lack the tools to see them…

That's where we come in!

There is an ideal customer profile, and we use AI to reveal it to you. The ability to bring forth the best, most-likely-to-close prospects is invaluable. Look at how much of your hard-earned capital is spent on acquisition costs and ineffective marketing channels—or at least, not as effective as you thought. After we process a company’s data, our clients and partners are often shocked at the reality our AI provides them. 

Take one of your salespeople for example.

We’ll let you know who they work best with, and who those people are. We understand that each salesperson has a unique selling style and often sell more effectively to people who they can relate to—decision-makers who have similar personalities, interests, values, backgrounds, and communication styles.

It sure as hell beats "Mr. I Know Exactly Who We Sell To." Excuse us, but that's stagnant thinking grinds progress to a screeching halt.

As for your marketing initiative...

Most businesses assume that they already know who they should market to, but in reality our AI often proves otherwise. It allows a new level of understanding of your target market demographic and promotes scalable improvement.

Wish you could prevent customer loss? Well, duh.

If your customer success reps are losing customers (and no, there's no such thing as a perfect retention rate), we’ll tell you why. We predict, then warn you when there are triggers or signs that indicate customers are at risk of leaving—before they actually do. 

Don't miss hidden (or blatant) opportunities.

Discover which segments and channels are missed opportunities. How? The human brain’s ability filter noise is fantastic for day-to-day processes, but fails to recognize complex patterns that AI easily recognizes.

"You can't see the trees because you're focused on the deer."

Improving contact prioritization & reducing noise.

We prioritize all of our client’s contacts that have high probability: to buy, to be upsold, are at risk of leaving, or simply aren’t a good fit.

Last but definitely not least... Operations.

Obtain predictive insights from the story your data tells. It’s important to understand your company at the deepest level to achieve more. Having the “know-how” and arming yourself with data to make better decisions is important. Improve operations, make better business decisions, and take more pragmatic action—all the time.

Predict outcomes & provide your business with the insights you deserve.

After all, it's your data. Why not make the most of it? Unlock its true potential!

It’s your choice.

Don't get left behind.
Join the evolution.

Don't wait for opportunity, create it!

Join the evolution.