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What is an Ideal Customer Profile?

An Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) defines the individual best matched for the solution and value your company offers.

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Prospecting without an ICP is like navigating without a compass.

Your ICP is the North Star on your journey to success. Having detailed knowledge of your prospects gives you the confidence that your messaging resonates with their needs.

With fierce competition, an unpredictable marketplace, and fast-changing technology, it is more important than ever to know who is most likely to build a relationship with you and your organization.

Simply a better ICP

Get your Ideal Customer Profile in minutes.

While a traditional ICP includes 5-10 target categories of your most valuable customers, our ICP has 17+ target categories that also provide you with the customers that will become your champions in the marketplace.

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Traditional ICP

5-10 Target Categories

» Age
» Gender
» Job Title
» Region
» Industry
» Company Size

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17+ Target Categories

» Age
» Gender
» Job Title
» Geolocation
» Professional Skills
» Background Industry
» Seniority
» College/University
» Education Major

» Education Degree
» Graduation Date
» Company Industry
» Company Size
» Years in Business
» City
» State/Region
» Country

Comparing methods

Qualitative Method (Most common approach)

6-8 Week Process | $45,000-$60,000*
A static result which requires extensive research and planning to create, based on projection, assumption, and doesn’t use third party data beyond the CRM.

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*Industry averages from multiple sources for SMEs. (Forrester, Gartner, and Statista)

White Rabbit Intel's Method

3-7 Minute Process | $3,700-$12,000
An immediate, accurate result that can be quickly created, updated using the your CRM data, and enriched with relevant third party data.

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Ideal prospects deserve a precise approach.

Account-focused messaging delivers superior results.

Combining the core tenants of account-based marketing (ABM) with personal and relevant messages allows you to build trust and strengthen your brand. By providing value at each interaction, your customers will regard you as a trusted advisor who brings purposeful insight, not another product-peddling salesperson.

Partner success story

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We gave a SaaS senior sales team over 200 hours back to focus on actual selling while using White Rabbit’s Ideal Customer Profile.

Not only did they nail their forecast for the last 2 quarters, their sales team is now sitting in front of pre-qualified buyers every day and eliminated 86% of daytime admin waste.

I believe we’ve discovered a breakthrough that increases forecasting accuracy to within .5% of your quarterly target allowing you to invest in more areas to grow the business.”

Shane Parminder Mahi
Founder & CEO | SalesDRIIVN
Speaking on the success his SaaS client is having while leveraging White Rabbit’s Ideal Customer Profile targeting methods.

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