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Our Partners

Collaboration is Key

With the strength of teamwork—our technology combined with your expertise can be a match made in heaven, we can join forces and create a truly powerful duo. Let’s collaborate.

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Web and desktop based customer relationship management software with a number of possibilities for your business process enhancement.

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Gives you the email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools you need to create incredible customer experiences.

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HubSpot’s CRM platform has all the tools and integrations you need for marketing, sales, content management, and customer service.

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Human-powered, AI-driven ‘Infrastructure as a Solution’ helps committed partners make the impact they’ve always envisioned.

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Get accurate B2B company and contact data to drive more revenue faster. Empowers Your Teams · Intent data · Sales Intelligence · Data Enrichment · Website Visitor Tracking.

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A 100% free, open-source, low code platform for building your organization’s key applications, growing its productivity, and protecting its data.

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A fast track pass to new lines of revenue with the largest B2B accounts in your space.

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Align the efforts of marketing, sales, customer success, channel sales, and account growth teams to create a safe, risk-free environment for the clients and customers.

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A global technology distribution and tech consulting firm with a portfolio of over 700 vendors.

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The fastest-growing data analytic tool that allows you to gather all the data you need -- the way you need to see it.

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Proven training for driven sales professionals and teams, optimized for remote delivery and immediate results.

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Unify all your data and create unlimited apps with our drag-and-drop low-code platform.

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Increase profits, improve capital, and reduces cost. Empowering organizations from small to large to be more profitable.

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Specializes in delivering immediate and long-lasting impact to organizations looking to transform culture and accelerate growth.

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A digital content creation agency focusing on the strategy, planning, creation & execution of consistent organic content to target your audience & grow your brand.

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Fixed price. Fixed scope. On-time. On budget. SAP and Navigator offer cloud-based ERP business solutions that manage your operation like never before.

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Democratizing Intelligence. Data ingestion engine and data services powered by AI.

Affiliate Partners

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Start meaningful conversations with target accounts and contacts with the most premium sales intelligence on the market.

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Accelerate your lead generation by targeting your prospects with personalized LinkedIn outreach.



Our definition: A symbiotic, profitable collaboration between two businesses to achieve unprecedented goals.

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OEM Partner

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Industries we partner with:
» CRM Providers
» CDP Providers
» ERP Providers
» Contact Data Lakes
» Customer Data Warehouses
» Lead Gen Data Providers
» Business Intelligence/Analytics
» Sales Enablement Technologies
» Behavioral Data Analytics
» Other AI Companies

How does it work?
» OEM integration partners receive an API key from White Rabbit Intel (WRI) and integrate WRI’s AI technology into their software. OEM partners are also credited based on a data-usage model, incurring a reduced overall cost.

The perks of becoming an OEM Partner.
» Add value for your software by offering additional insights into your clients’ ideal customer personas, target demographics, buyer to seller matchmaking, the ability to predict risks and opportunities accurately, and access to joint marketing opportunities.

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Channel Partner

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Industries we partner with:
» CRM Providers
» CDP Providers
» ERP Providers
» Contact Data Lakes
» Customer Data Warehouses
» Lead Gen Data Providers
» Business Intelligence/Analytics
» Sales Enablement Technologies

How does it work?
» Channel Partner sells and makes available WRI’s integration directly from inside your platform, receiving a revenue share whenever a user pays for a WRI subscription or data processing services via the integration.

The perks of becoming a Channel Partner.
» Receive a standard 10% (ten percent) of the net revenue generated from the partnership, add an incredible layer of increased value to their customers, and access to joint marketing opportunities.

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Solutions Partner

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Industries we partner with:
» Consultants
» Marketing Firms
» Market Research Firms
» Lead Gen Companies
» Sales Outsourcing Companies
» Business Coaches
» Business Process Improvement Companies
» Sales Training Companies
» Analytics Companies
» Advertising Firms

How does it work?
» Solutions Partners are service providers whose services strategically align with White Rabbit Intel’s (WRI’s) technology and mutually benefit one another. There must be a clear opportunity to generate tremendous ROI for both parties.
» Solutions Partners have “umbrella accounts” (a parent account) and have sub-accounts (partner’s clients). This partnership also offers you to add “sub-users” to your account and access to additional in-network services.

Why become a Solutions Partner?
» Solutions Partners get to expand their offerings and incorporate advanced AI into their tool-set to work better, faster, and more effectively while offering new, unique insight into their clients’ businesses.

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Dev. Partner

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Industries we partner with:
» Software Development Companies
» Software Integration Companies

How does it work?
» Developer Partnerships are strategic relationships with software development and software integration companies, passing them project-to-project to build out integration for our clients and soon-to-be OEM and Channel Integration Partners—so we don’t have to.

The perks of becoming a Developer Partner.
» A certified Developer Partner becomes a strategic contractor of WRI and keeps all revenue from the project they are contracted to develop. This is performed with no limitations at the rate that they choose, with the opportunity to be utilized by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide and additional joint marketing opportunities.

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Industries we partner with:
» Software Resellers
» CRM Providers
» Independent Software Vendors
» Anyone interested in selling WRI Products!

How does it work?
» Share White Rabbit Intel’s (WRI’s) advanced AI technology with your network or clients and split the profits by receiving automated, commissioned payouts!
» Learn insight and gain expertise on WRI’s technology with the training, resources, and support you need to succeed. Help us lead the change and transformation of the sales enablement and industry-specific markets by delivering world-class solutions.

The perks of becoming an Affiliate Partner.
» Contract with a 10% net revenue share model for successful sales conversions.
» Increase your clout and business relationships while introducing people to the latest bleeding-edge technology.
» Receive access to WRI sales and marketing materials, training, and receive a net revenue share when a new user(s) make payment(s) to WRI.