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Hyper-Target Your Market & Maximize ROI | LinkedIn & Sales Navigator

Learn how hyper-target LinkedIn searches, build segmented lead lists in Sales Navigator, and unify your sales and marketing team's efforts around segmented niche targets.


Psychographic Intelligence: The Secret to Accelerating B2B Selling & Networking

A webinar describing what psychographic intelligence is, what they are used for, what they mean, and how they can integrate into other forms of analytics and business processes.


How to Build a Targeted Audience for Better LinkedIn Engagement

White Rabbit Intel sent lead gen results soaring by 3000% by using AI to build lists & outreaching to these contacts with Dux-Soup. Learn how in this featured webinar. ©2020 Dux-Soup.

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Are your current LinkedIn results underwhelming?

Get a high-level LinkedIn audit to improve your targeting & outreach.

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