Psychographic Intelligence Webinar


September 1, 2021

Have you ever had that prospect that you’ve done everything right with? They agree you’re the answer to their problems, but when it’s finally time to sign they come up with an excuse that’s something along the lines of “I’m just not feeling it”.

As much as we’d like people to be rational, humans don’t always make decisions based on facts and analysis but often go with the choice that “feels” right. The sales intelligence and data communities have been trying to fill this gap with accurate data, intent data and now with one of the newest data forms, psychographics.

Join Rob Turley, leader at White Rabbit Intel, and Jason Hubbard, VP of Partnerships & Alliances at SalesIntel, as they explore what psychographic intel is, how to marry it with quality data, and how to leverage them to become a B2B selling master!

Greatness Awaits.

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