Why AI should be your new best friend in Sales

Four ways that AI can make your sales more productive and profitable—and how you can adapt!

Joanne Chen

September 1, 2021

Whether you’re a sales trainee or a seasoned sales veteran, you’re looking for ways to improve sales and to process more client data, given the limited time you have. 

Let’s not waste time on administrative work and prospecting the bad deals. What you need is a mentor and helper, someone who will give good advice, guiding you in the right direction in prospecting, handling the mundane administrative tasks, and laborious processes so you can focus your time on pitching and selling.

“Why do I need AI in sales?” You ask. “My sales team is getting enough results!” What if there’s a way we could reach an even higher number of potential buyers and achieve even more impressive results than this? What if you’re able to pitch to your customers knowing what discount offers will attract their attention? That’s where White Rabbit Intel comes in—we are the matchmaker in Sales. Think of us like the Robinhood AI and the E-Harmony of B2B sales.
White Rabbit Intel uses AI to grow your business like the world’s most sophisticated salespeople. Get started, and we’ll give you the most granular and unique data insights in a matter of seconds. That’s right. Seconds.

Let’s take a look at some (actual) ways that AI can help improve your sales:

Sniffing out a good engagement opportunity (or not)

What’s worse: chasing down a deal for weeks only to end in nothing or be turned down by every prospect you approach? Well, they’re equally unprofitable and got you nowhere. There are many functions that AI can perform that humans can not—at least, not to the degree of precision, accuracy, and efficiency. AI can categorize which leads or deals are good and predict which solution and discount offers will appeal to your clients. We look into the past and present to determine the future, so you know your success chances even before you start prospecting.

Forecasting with less room for error

The ability to forecast as a sales rep is a must. Humans are prone to making errors and primed for biases and making bad judgments. AI will present to you the truth. AI will be that reliable friend who can tell you the truth when you need a second set of eyes or a second opinion. With artificial intelligence, you’re able to get an accurate picture of your team’s forecast and how much they will be bringing in this quarter.

Focus your productive hours on selling

You spend days, weeks, and hours chasing down a deal going nowhere for weeks. Why? Well, because there’s no way to determine whether it’s a waste of time or not. 

Imagine this: you don’t have to do the dirty work because an AI solution can predict which of your prospects will most likely engage with you. 

At White Rabbit Intel, we analyze trillions of data points to discover and define your business’s success and failure patterns. You can have that information at your fingertips in a matter of seconds. These analyses will tell you precisely the right lead to call or close. 

Sales is currently a numbers game. That’s not going to work for much longer. Things in this world are changing and will always be changing, so we must adapt. Approach prospects differently, my friends.

Prospecting leads that will actually engage

How would you begin to know which prospects are the most likely to engage with you, communicate, or become an opportunity, such as a referral? The majority of leads are a waste of everybody’s time on both sides of the deal. 

Machine learning determines and identifies patterns in success and failure data by looking at different market segments. This includes demographics, behavioral, geographic, and psychographic data. 

As far as we know, White Rabbit Intel is the only company in the world that does psychographic analytics in the B2B space (and please correct us if we’re wrong; because we’d love to meet them). Delving deep into psychographic data gives unparalleled results that enable predicting personal connection (matchmaking) and human decision-making. Based on factors such as attitude, lifestyle, actions, opinions—real-time client reports can be generated to prospect with confidence at a much higher success rate.

Use AI to improve sales without adding cost

Whether making a new friend or familiarizing yourself with AI for your modern business model, the biggest challenge is learning to trust the results. AI makes predictions and intelligent recommendations based on data. Cut the assumptive sales out of the process. Decisions should be made based on data if it’s available. Relying on your instinct is fine, but if the data is there, then listen to it. This AI friend will make your sales calls more productive and profitable—only if you give it a chance.

How much time could this save you?

What would it mean to your business if you knew where your opportunities are? 

How would it impact your cost of acquisition?

If a solution like this will help your business, simply give it a try!

Greatness Awaits.

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